Is ProtectedMSG actually a secure site?
The service has been designed in a way to be as friendly as possible to users who want to maintain a high level of anonymity. Third parties do not have physical acces to encrypted messages in the database.

How to send a message? Is it possible to send messages directly from
ProtectedMSG ?
ProtectedMSG  creates a hyperlink (link) to your message. You can copy it and send via e-mail or instant messaging service to any recipient.

Can I send messages to multiple recipients at once?
No. If you want to send messages to multiple recipients at once you must always create a new message for each single person. This is how we make 
ProtectedMSG private messaging system. We cannot guarantee privacy, when message is sent to more than one receipient at once.

What can I do if I sent a message to the wrong person?
Just open the link itself, the message will be self-destructed after opening.

How can I find out if the message has been read?
When you create a message, just check the box to send you a notification e-mail when message has been read. Once your receipient will open it, you will be notified. 

Is it true, that the recipient can copy and paste the message?
Yes, just as you won't be able to stop the recipient from doing a screenshot of the message. You cannot prevent that content has been copied. 
ProtectedMSG ensures you that created message will not be re-read by anyone, because it does not physically exist in the database. What the recipient does with the message is not our responsibility.

Is there a possibility of reading old messages by simply looking at your browsers' history?
No. The message is permanently removed once someone clicks the link. There is no way to restore it from the browsers history.

How long have unread messages are stored in a database?
All unread messages are automatically deleted after 30 days after creation.