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How it works?

ProtectedMSG allows you to send top secret and encrypted messages easily from your phone - whether its an iOS or Android. We provide a free web based service that allows users to create encrypted notes that they can share over Internet as unique one-time-use HTTPS URLs (also known as links) which are permanently deleted once opened. ProtectedMSG App allow you to send top secret and encrypted messages easily from your phone - whether its an iOS or Android device. You can add a document or photo as an attachment, and send encrypted message as unique URL. Optionally, you can set auto-destruction time, and your top secret message will be removed even if not opened by anyone. You can also protect it with a password if you wish to. But that's not all! We also offer encryped chat with dissapearing messages. Each message is shown to your recipient only for a short amount of time. We resepct your privacy!

Step 1
Create message by sleecting 'Messages from menu' and entering text in a box. Clicking 'Create Message'. A unique link will be generated
Step 2
Copy created link and send it to the message recipient. Optionally you can enter your email address to get notification once it has been read.
Step 3
The message will be destructed once the link is opened

Why choose this?

Now your messages are top secret

ProtectedMSG is a small company which aims to protect your privacy as its first and foremost goal. Contrary to big players on the market like Facebook, Whatsapp or Google (name any other you want) we do not want your data. We do not use your mobile microphones to listen to your private chats, and we do not do anything which would allow anyone to track the information you want to send privately. If you loose the unique link to your message or chat room number - we won't be able to help you. Moreover, we do not store any IP addresses, and each bit of information which goes through our servers is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm and immediately deleted when it reaches its desired recipient.

How to send encrypted messages

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